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We are writing to unfolding events in Syria as members of the Syrian community in New Zealand. Syria is a very old nation; it has a rich history and culture. It is the land of values and peace. A land where all cultures and religions live in harmony. The Syrian Military Regime has been violating human rights and protecting corruption for about half century.

Twenty four million Syrians are suffering from the corrupt military regime for the last 5 decades. Peaceful protests against the regime are repressed by 17 branches of the secret police, militia, and army. The army is occupying cities, towns and villages. Heavy weapons on the roads and tanks are bombing civilians.

According to Syrian and international human right organizations more than 17000 Syrians were killed, 65 thousand are missing and 212 thousand were arrested. Unfortunately the UN and the international community have been very slow in doing something to stop the violent government response and massacre.

New Zealand is one of the major countries which support the principles of freedom, democracy and human rights. The Syrian community in Auckland is asking the New Zealand Parliament and Government and international community to support the aspirations of the Syrian people and play a major role in stopping the oppression and violence and to start an international investigation of the atrocities committed in Syria and send urgent humanitarian and medical aids.

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